About the brand

When we started Thoughtless, the idea behind the label was simple; timeless, quality basics that embrace the natural shape and curve of a woman’s body. 

We found two issues prior to starting the brand. The first being that it was difficult to find sophisticated basics that were constructed from quality materials and fabrics. The second was that so many companies designed clothing, used certain fabrics and cuts that weren’t considerate of the various shapes, sizes and curves of a woman’s body; and if they did consider curvier figures, the “curve” marketing seemed like an afterthought. With us, your shape was considered at the inception of the brand, and is always put first when creating new pieces. 

We consider your natural shape when constructing clothing samples by making thoughtful and intentional decisions when it comes to fabric type, composition, longevity and the overall cut of a garment. 

Ultimately, we believe in clothing that makes your life easier. Clothing that embraces and celebrates your natural shape. And clothing that will last and translate from season to season, year to year. 

About manufacturing

We partner with manufacturers primarily in China that employ highly skilled workers who are paid fair wages, work in safe working conditions and are able to successfully source high quality fabrics for the production of our garments. In an effort and mindfulness towards sustainability, we release collections in small quantities to reduce overproduction and pollution. 

About sizing 

We currently offer selected pieces that range from size XS to 3XL. As we continue to grow as a small business, we look forward to not only expanding the range of sizes that are offered, but that the range of sizes is available in all of our pieces.