Hi beautiful,

I’m Brooke, founder and CEO of Thoughtless. I was born in Michigan, but grew up abroad in Frankfurt, Germany and Bangkok, Thailand. Growing up abroad in countries that had such varying standards of beauty for women made it challenging for me to accept who I was and see that as beautiful, as a young Black girl with a naturally curvy figure. Shopping for clothes that fit me well was always a nightmare abroad, and when I moved back to the United States, the challenges continued. 

Knowing that the majority of clothing wasn’t designed with someone like me in mind was discouraging and to an extent damaging. When shopping, I put a lot of effort into understanding what fabric content and composition would work for my body and what wouldn't, whether the leg opening was wide enough or if a rise on a pair of pants was high enough. It all felt very laborious and had an impact on my overall self esteem, when realizing that so many brands design with one body type in mind. It felt as though I had to change my body in order to more easily fit into the types of clothes that I wanted to wear.

After working in the fashion industry for notable brands and companies, and further experiencing and seeing the lack of inclusivity in the industry, I began ideating on what I could put into the world that countered this; that encouraged body acceptance and would help others who felt overlooked (as I had), feel seen and considered.

Thoughtless is about not having to put so much thought into whether something is going to work for your body or not - regardless of your shape, whether you have full curves, or not. The brand believes in versatile, timeless garments that embrace and celebrate your natural shape; quality pieces that make you feel beautiful and translate from season to season, year to year. Getting dressed for your natural shape should always be as effortless as possible.




About manufacturing

We partner with manufacturers primarily in China and Southeast Asia that employ highly skilled workers who are paid fair wages, work in safe working conditions and are able to successfully source high quality fabrics for the production of our garments. In an effort and mindfulness towards sustainability, we release collections in small quantities to reduce overproduction and pollution. 

About sizing 

We currently offer selected pieces that range from size XS to 3XL. As we continue to grow as a small business, we look forward to not only expanding the range of sizes that are offered, but that the range of sizes is available in all of our pieces. We recommend using our sizing chart as a guide, but welcome and encourage you to reach out at support@shopthoughtless.com, should you have any questions regarding the fit of a particular garment.